Tuesday, October 26, 2010

yay!! err.. is it 'yayy!!'?

i received coupla sms-es from the same number, asking me y i am kinda 'thin' now, tak sihat or sakit, tak mcm dulu and such. first - aku was skeptical.. since dat particular number tadak dlm my own phone-book. aku tak layan pun - tp since 2 - 3 msg askin me so and 'if ur sick and i'd feel sad' kinda thang - aku started to wonder - saper neh? bila plak dia tgk aku? and the most important thang - whos dis? and - not again! but after aku tanya such question; whos dis.. where do u get my number? and thank God - no more msges masuk from dat particular number. pelik bin ajaib. or is it binti? heh.

coupla thgs to ponder - 1) aku thank God no more msges after aku asked such question.. ko nak stalked aku ke, haper ke.. ikut la. 2) aku kurus? like - aku kurus? ru sure? wow. aku kurus? damn! aku kurus! may be tak la kurus kot.. may be kurus dr dulu. but then - aku kurus? wow. i mean - woowwwwwww!

hahaha.. joke of the day.

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