Friday, October 22, 2010

wat block?

writer's block?

i wanted to write. i jst dun knw where to start. i wanted to jst lay all single thgs in my head - yet, by the time aku one dis page - aku was like.. err.. which first eh? i mean - which come first? wat to write? ended up - i din come up wit any. its been days since i last do some updating - and theres quite a lot to write hell yeah. for the past coupla days - i wasnt in the office. 8 to 5 in HRPB Ipoh, handling BLS Course for doctors/paramedics and such. kinda new. interesting as yet.

and i've been skipping my gym routine as well. shait.

gotta run back as usual ptg ni, and hit the gym as well, tnite - for i wont be able to do dat during dis weekend.

btw - damn.. its TGIF. yippppieeeeeeeeeeeyay yee!!

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