Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank God Its F***shait. errr..

crashed early last nite. wake up at 5.30am. mandi. pressed my baju melayu - its Friday. made myself a big mug of Nescafe - its a must - tho i know i'd go suffer the consequences.. heh, who cares? caffeine to kick off my day! replyin some e-mails. wandering around FB for a while. paid some bills on-line. replied msges. on my hp - damn, i forgot to get it charged. solat. jumped into my blazing, flaming red baju melayu - cant find my songkok (and forget it!). finished up my Nescafe infront of the idiotbox. heat up my engine. hit the road. off to the office.

in the office - went thru my schedule. classes 5hrs in a row. CME/CPD. clinical briefing. memos. meetings. can someone do me a favour? cut me into pieces so i can run em all - in one shot?


damn i gotta go for my breakie first.

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