Friday, October 15, 2010


mak abah..
i thank God for having em both, my fmly et al - all the way.
and i am proud to share the moment
wit em, as well.

me and Hafiz, Ina and few seniors.

damn hot! yet kinda cool in it. hehe

candid - kak ngah amek dis
cant remember wats in my head.

mess wit me?

few pics taken by kak ngah during my convo day - UPM last 13 Oct 2010. coupla nice thgs happened - which was i never expected it to be dat way. Wawa was there out of the blue, bringing me flowers and such - i was kinda shocked, but happy in the same time. good wishes and such came pouring in my mobile. coupla calls, as well.

i wanna shared the good and the bad time i went thru all dis - but not now. it was tough alrite - when ur working, and u gotta deal wit ur study as well. the ups and downs, and such. the struggles. alhamdulillah - aku managed to went thru it all, nicely. of course - i wanted to go on wit more - taking dis as a starting point. but then - ..


Jerung Rimba Putih said...


timtams said...

Bra, the 3rd pic of u makes u kinda look like...*ahem* mawi :-p ke mata salah tgk?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Jr - thanks!

Timtams - bra? or bro? hahaha.. and Ma-wat? euw! next!! hahaha

timtams said...

Its 'Bra' here bro...The locals say Bra which is short for brader :-)