Friday, October 15, 2010

my legs! argkhhh..

its a long day yesterday - yet a kinda good one. well - it was, for if i aint sayin it was a good one - who wld, then? its all in ur head, in ur hand - remember? started my day; yesterday - masuk office awal as usual since - i barely remember how was my schedule wld be like; aku rasa there's a clinical teaching/visiting yet i cant remember where. so - masuk office - cdg nak tgk2 schedule je - tp stuck there for about 2hrs up till 10am. Mr Bong tgk je muka aku - 'Shah, dtg jap jumpak aku' and aku'd go throwin fits for aku tau - mesti ada keje. and all those students - ada je.. ttp buku log, itu ini.. Ajak plak - sibuk ajak aku for a breakie - which was like, danm - payah siot aku nak 'say no!'.

it took me like an hr plus to get there in Ayer Tawar. KK Ayer Tawar, dat is. jalan ok - tp dgn lori, truck etc.. argkhhh.. and i hate driving alone, lately. blasting my stereo out loud - doesnt help anymore. bila dah ngantuk - there's nthg much dat i can do. bukak tingkap, off aircond pun tak jalan.. smapi Ayer Tawar dah around noon - budak2 neh sibuk nak kuar lunch bagai. so - aku tak lama pun. most of em r doin well, we had great Local Preceptors over there, and aku aint worry dat much. hit the road - aku decided to call off the day - shldve gone to Pangkor.. but Pangkor? at dis time? wat time nak balik? argkhhh.. the word then is - re-schedule. shait.

after like byk ari aku tak hit the gym - finallyaku did semlm. Bryan tak abes2 dgn senyum perli dia - aku feel like to hit him dgn one of barbell. aku first wanted to do some shoulder je - lama dah tak angkat berat, mls nak heavy2. but he wanted me to combine 'a bit of legs' as well. he knws dat is the only routine yg aku paling culas skali nak buat. malas! and shait - a bit of hell yeah - after 2 hrs - aku turun tangga gym rasa nak melorot je. or as if rasa nak duduk buat mcm papan gelongsor the minimons main kat playground too. or perhaps - turun tangga mcm mak Ju-On buat, minus the sound-effect af course. balik rumah - the sore over peha aku started to set in, cari Brufen dah abes.. huwaaaaa.. and gez wat? pagi ni aku bgn tido pi bilik air jalan mcm Zombie Kg Pisang.. fcuk, its painful! but then again - perkhhh.. aku puas ati.

walk like an Egyptian -
jst like Joshie said.


at work now. ikut schedule - i hav nothg much in store. CPD je kot soon. and may be ptg nanti - aku'd call all the students yg posting Psychiatry to come back and do a bit of discussion. and ptg nanti - perhaps a jog and off to the gym.

and gez wat? its exactly 2 weeks to go, today. damn i cant wait.


life is a journey. it aint a destination. we bump into a lot along the way. incidents, ppl and such. since life is a journey - we shldnt let anythg stand in our own way. it aint a destination - it stops only when we die. so - we gotta move on. we'd learn nothg if we stuck in the same place - for a long time.

we r all plain human being. flesh and blood. we do mistake every now and then - and if we ever do, we do say sorry.. for dats the way it is. but as for me - when ppl say sorry and such - u shldnt go and make a mess about it. its either 2 - u forgive and forget or u choose not to forgive and not to forget. if u forgive and forget - be it. say nothg after it.


i started to feel annoying lately - for coupla thgs. but i decided to not to say a word about it. it'd be wasting my time. i dun wanna act like a fool. and i dun wanna be one. if dis keep on goin - i'll make a pack. i'll completely stay away then.

i hate doin it, God sake. but if i left wit no choices - i'll do wat i hav to.

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