Monday, October 4, 2010


went thru a lot of thgs lately - some r good, some r like.. erm, i dun find words to describe it tho. but i gez - dats the way it is - and i hav no right to complain. as for me - its better to brace myself and see for the greener side of every single thg - rather than to jst keep complaining when theres nothg u can do about it. and at least - it comforts me a lot.

more open houses on the weekend - i tried so hard to please everyone by at least showin my freakin face, and at the same time - dammit i am tryin so hard not to climb over the table for the foods r like - damn!. the concept is easy - eat less, more 'space' to spare. but most of the time - i had none left. leavin me suffocate for fresh air and runnin around wit the feelin to puke myself off, so i'd feel less 'guilty' for eatin like a horse.

looking forward for dis coming Wed/Thurs. its gonna be short, gonna be pack. but i dun mind. i know i dun hav the time in the world. but the chance to hav some - meaningfully, is better than nothg at all. i'd be honored to hav dat, really.

i gez i am tired of counting thgs. counting time and such. i jst need to see good thgs and count the blessing. even if i hav to leave now - i hav thgs in life dat i am glad for havin it, enjoying it and treasure em well.


i am keepin up wit coupla changes around me. and i hope i am gonna be ok. no, i mean - i hav to be ok. for dis is wat i want. for dis is wat i treasure in life, really.

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sdr ijoi said...

wow.. seriusnya..
any way, I hope you'll going to be ok.. ^_^