Saturday, October 9, 2010

life. again.

on dis day..

on dis day - God wants u to knw - dat decision is only a wishful thinkin until u take dat first irreversible step. u can tell urself dat u hav alrdy decided; dat nothin now can stop u - but if dat dat step backwards is so much safer than the step forwards - wat will hold u to ur path when the goin gets tuff? sometimes - the rite thg to do is to take dat first irreversible step, the one after which u cannot go back. and now - for u, is one of those times.

on dis day, God wants u to know - dat when u come to a wall, u can either climb it, or u can simply walk around until u find a door. the principle is - dun make life so hard. life's short. we shld celebrate life as it is. and make it worth a while. so - look for the doors!

on dis day - God wants u to know; dat ur a human being, not a human doin. take time to jst be, to breathe slowly, to feel ur body dat is the temple of ur own soul. no activities. no worries. no buzzing.

on dis day, God wants u to know - dat ur blessed. u may think u hav challenges, but u hav so many blessings. sometimes it takes only a moment of conscious effort to recognize those blessings. once u focus on the gifts instead of the problems, ur whole perspective will change and u will see blessings everywhere.

on dis day - God wants u to know dat all is well. all is goin accordin to plan. trust dat there is a bigger picture. trust dat life is unfolding as it shld.


sometimes - i wish life wld be as easy as we scream it out to be.

but it aint.