Saturday, October 16, 2010


my Body Alignment.

at 2am, aku dah terjaga.. terkulat2 atas katil serba tak kena. aku moved to the other room, as if i'd go crashing back, again. by 4.30am - i think - i dozed off, thanks God. sedar2 dah dkt 7am and aku tak Subuh lagik! bley?

the bodyache starts to set in now. aku nyer legs sakit giler esp naik turun tangga and time solat. semlm buat chest pun tak sesakit neh.. sengal2 sket je. kena cari Brufen weh, stock dah abes.. but its ok - i am enjoyin dis. the feelin of satisfaction in me after each session. i am doin cardio and gym selang sehari la - jst like Bryan told me. i need to do dis - i hav 2 weeks to go. bley? haha

i love bein in the gym. seein all those ppl workin out so hard, pushin em self beyond the limit - it courage me to do better. but, as for me - there are 3 types of ppl yg pergi gym neh; a) the lingering, b) the blah blah blah, c) the woooooooooooooof!!..

  • the lingering;

these kinda guys r yg jenis dtg gym tak la nak work out sgt, cuma nak tgk2 tongkol besi and tgk2 org je.. then belek2 hp. bila time org guna brg and such - they wld go and stand beside u, as if waiting for their turn - tho they know ur not done wit yr reps yet, tp gigih nak jugak.. tp bila dah bagi chance - buat gtew2 je and blah. tak cukup cycle, tak tau brp reps buat. kejis. and u dun really know wat they r doin. jap buat shoulder, tiber2 pi buat abs., then chest, then leg.. eh - all in one eh for one session? damn.

  • the blah blah blah..

haiyoooo.. dis is another one. damn aku cannot tolerate one. i am sorry to say - most of em r Malay. yg jenis kepochi neh. dia tau ur workin out, and u dun hav like the whole day nak spend kat gym. but then - they love doin dis - askin u hows yr day, where do u work, lambat dtg ari ni, naper lambat dtg, naik pe dtg gym, dtg sorang ke, dah lama ke join gym, ada amek supplement ke, ada amek protein ke blah blah blah blah.. adoi. aku tak kisah la setakat sket2, breaking the ice so dat bley jadik partner workin out ke.. tp smpai keje pe, tmpat keje sumer bagai nak tau.. never ever! pantang nenek moyang cucu cicit aku. bagi aku - gym is the place u workin out. u go there, do wat u wanna do till u puke, and off u go. buat kwn sket2, kenal2 member gym sket. nothg more and nothg less. aku tak suka kalo org ajak menyembang time aku do my routine. kejis!

  • the woooooooooooooof!!

hahaha.. remember 'mr wooofff' in my old entry last time? dis is another kinda guy. he is in his own world. kinda syok seniri. gym dah tetapkan rules and regulation ko tak bley separuh bogel (it is tak pakai baju) while in gym.. but these guys - they cldnt careless. jst becoz their badan r so like.. errr. nah, i shldnt start. i mean - of coz, cantek siot! aku tgk pun rasa nak nanges pilu. tp, attitude mcm harem. mana ada cermin, kat situ le ada set neh. angkat sket, jerit kena lbey. and sora pitch tetap. angkat sket, again jerit kena lbey. dan angkat besi tu kena lah di hadapan cermin ye adik2! aiyoooo..

but then - aku wit my own plan lah. aku pun suka juga tgk2 cermin - see any changes or not. tp tak la conquer the whole dinding yg berchermin sambel 'wooooooooof' ere and 'wooooooooooof' there. aku pun tgk2 jgk hp once in a while, risau kalo2 nanti tak jwb call penting bagai - jenuh la plak kang. and yeah - aku pun sembang la sket2 pe patot, aku tak suka nanti org ckp aku kekwat tak tentu hala.. after all, tak rugi kalo berbaik2, and ramai kawan pun.

and as for me - all these kinda ppl, made my life really. best tgk dorang neh. byk yg aku belajar, of coz. aku mls nak komen pe2, tp aku prefer to see em, and aku learn a thg or two. regarding behaviors and such, the id, ego and super-ego et al.

damn. i gotta hav somethg for my breakie and amek ubat la. naik tangga je rasa nak terkentot. cemaneh? heh!


thoyol said...


gym.. just restarting my routine after errr.. 6 months of on and off routine. A daily routine turned to once or twice a week routine.

heh.. gym is the place where u can see all kind of people. all their ego/true personality reflected in gym.

so abaikan jer. I dont give a fuck to people. just trying to do my own workout. malangnya takde partner yg truly committed and equal to me..


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Qayyum -

dats exactly wat i am tryin to say. i dun giv it a shait either - cuma kekdg kinda annoying jgk la.. hehe

btw - way to go bro! hehe.. jgn mls2!