Friday, October 1, 2010

good vs bad.. *yawn*

how to hav a bad day..

wake up late, in a panic
rush to get ready
dress hurriedly
din get the chance to eat
drink lot of coffee instead
no spiritual reflection
no exercise
tak sempat nak plan ur day
focus on ur failures - grumble away
u forget to smile
be selfish and unfrenly
criticize, blame and complain
think of some -ve tots
dictate, direct and command till others puke on u
dun forget to nag!
and never overlook mistakes
grumble again
no time for a lunch
harbor resentment
u dun communicate - no talking, no calls, no sms-es
keep rushin
and keep it all to urself!
worry about trow
be rigid and cranky as well
retire wit bad tots
and yeah - a full stomach!

how to hav a good day?

crash early
and wake up early as well
dun rush!
breathe slow and deeply
kick ur day wit a bit of exercise
take 5 mins to reflect - SUBUH!!
greet everyone
and yeah - smile a lot..
compliment often
listen more - talk less!
beware of giving advice - only when needed
ur work? its privilege
express appreciation
do ur best
welcome changes
relax ur neck muscles
plan time for relaxation - go for a jog!
and a bit of gym, may be
throw away -ve feelings
drain ur -ve energy away!
let go anger and guilt
leave work, at work
review ur accomplishments
plan pleasurable events
eat well at nite
recognize ur blessings
lots of love, yeah.

p/s; watdya think?


yogurt said...

its simple.... i like it... :) i really do

Jerung Rimba Putih said...

Why theres ni LIKE button here?

sdr ijoi said...

thanks for tips, boleh buat selang seli.. ^_^

jerry maguire, jr. said...

yogurt - it is. its all in ur head, remember?

Jr - hahaha.. thanks buddy!

Ijoi - ur welcome!