Tuesday, October 26, 2010


finally i am home - for good. penat plak rasa. was in Sri Malaysia for jamuan wit budak2 neh.. tak semua lecturer di jemput - i am not sure y. food - ok. the crowd - best. budak2 neh ok je - bila aku hala kamera - pakat2 nak posing.. nanti la esok2 aku upload pics.

final look at slides aku for trow whole day talk - Interpersonal Communication, Problem Solving & Decision Making and Time Management & Assertiveness. aku ngantok, rasa tak sedap badan. the only hope i am havin now - aku'd get up early trow mornin wit a good health to drive up to Taiping and survive the whole day, bagi talk to all the pegawai penjara there..

g'nite. see u ppl in MumuLand!

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