Monday, October 11, 2010


reached home by 7pm - aku dah btol2 mentally, physically exhausted. i feel like to crash early - but still; aku hav coupla thgs to be done before trow morn. i hate doin dis - i remember telling myself way back then dat i gotta leave work at work.. but now - i am messing up the whole shait.

coupla thgs keep bothering me and i aint kinda like it dis way. i wish i cld be bold enuff to say thgs out and handle it well like others do - but then..


dis coming 13th is gonna be another big day for me - after all dis yrs aku've been struggling - time, resources and such - and finally, i did it well alhamdulillah. thank to my family, mak abah and adik2.. i dun knw where wld i be w/o their good words and pat on my back during some of my toughest time..

but then - i am not sure y i dun really feel the thrill. the excitement. i feel like to go up on the stage, get the whole thang done rite - and off i go. i feel like goin there sorg2 je - the less ppl know, the better.

i knw dis is wrong. but i cant help feeling dis way.

damn. gnite anyway.


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sdr ijoi said...

congratulations shah!! ^_^
*i wish i could share with you the big moment.. heh.. ^_^*