Thursday, October 7, 2010


reached home by 10.35pm, after like more than 1hr aku stranded in my own car - i wish thgs wld be better, but lately - it aint. i started to lose control over my own self, and dats pathetic.

i gez i gotta get use to it after all. next week is gonna be one of the highlight event in life, insyaAllah. before another one towards end of the month.

and after all dat - i cld stay low, and i wont be goin around wishin for dis and dat, any longer. tho God knows, i wanna do a lot, really. theres coupla thgs left undone - kelas renang, kelas photography to name a few.

God gimme strength.


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sdr ijoi said...


have a good rest.. good nite.. sweet dreams..