Friday, October 22, 2010


half day thru - an i cant still settle down thgs and stay calm. theres so many thgs to do, to be done.. and theres so many thgs as well - marching up my head. aku nyer CPD session went well - Pengarah seniri yg chaired the session. towards the end of it - aku kinda sad since Ramesh was sort of using my slot/my title (Art of Listening) siap 'bertikam lidah' wit Pengarah sendiri for some reason yg out of the topic yg aku bentang. everybdy knws Ramesh was like having sort of 'unsettle biz' wit Pengarah, and everybdy understand well too, dat Pengarah need to defends his ownself - especially dpn anak2 buah seniri. since it turned out to be dat kinda session and no question asked - aku remain senyap sunyi, tgk and dengar je la..

it noon now, yet aku tak dgr pe2 news and aku only received a msg jer.. which worries me. damn i hope thgs r ok. for it never been dis way.

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