Thursday, October 28, 2010

counting down.. hehe

thank God. i jst love a day like dis. easy breezy. no big-shoots to woot woooot ur arse around. no many seniors around. and not many ppl, around as well! damn - i feel like i am the Director today. yeah - today. only for today lah! muahahaha.. yeah - not many lecturers r around. and i wonder y? so whos teaching aye? erm - like.. do i care? hahaha.. all i know is i am havin a revision class dgn budak sem 1 nanti 3 to 5. and dats for the day!

and i cant help myself to hav my head there at home, doin the packing. hehe


semlm - alhamdulillah, thgs went well. i was there in Pusat Latihan Pegawai Pegawai Penjara Taiping, Jbtan Penjara M'sia - bagi talk for the whole day, there. tajuk - Interpersonal Communication, Time Management, Assertiveness (i know..), Problem Solving & Decision Making (yeah, i know!!). there r like Sarjan, Koperal, Warder and such - mix crowd - old, not-so-old, and young guys. initially i had kinda tough time - since they r all like so damn bloody formal - but towards the end, i managed to 'loosen-em-up' a bit - rimas kalo terlalu formal weh! the talk shldve been done by 5pm. tp since the Q&A pjg sgt - around 6 baru settled and aku berebut2 balik Ipoh dlm ujan yg like.. argkh! lebat siot! and u will never even stumbled into such heavy rain in Ipoh, except if ur in Taiping. duh!!

but then again - i am glad for thgs went well. and the treatment given while i was there for the whole day - kinda nice as well. perhaps again - they r just like dat.


lunch wit Aiman, Fazly and Sharul. sumer org2 ofis je. since Ajak et al - ntah tak nampak btg idung pun ari neh.. perhaps - since kucing tak dak - tikus berjogging-jogging. kejis. so - aku layan je la telinga aku dgr to all sort of dis and dat regarding office politiking among em all. usual thang - dat is. nothg new pun..

mlm ni kena dtg ofis jap - aku kena settle kan budak2 research bwh aku neh - since starting tomorrow (again!) - i am gonna be away.. like - yeah, away away far away.. (yayyy!).

damn. dah dekat pkul 3pm. see ya!

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