Friday, October 22, 2010


i am leaving the office now. i dun think i can stand lingering around all dis shait anymore. my eyes r aching. and so does my head. i feel like nauseated lookin dis the mess on my table, figures and such. i jst need to leave all dis behind. leave work, at work. i wish. but i dun think so.

apart of me dealing wit all dis shait - i try to keep myself bz. my head has been wandering around - all over places. i tried so hard to stay positive - dat thgs r goin to be alrite.. dat thgs r jst fine - but dammit, i jst cant help myself.

i am not sure if i've done wrong. i am not sure if all the steps i take cld bring me disaster. i knw somethg is wrong somewhere. somethg went wrong somewhere. i dun knw.

i am hungry. i dun feel good - emotionally, physically. i jst wanna get home. and throw myself in own crib.

damn i feel like backin off.

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