Tuesday, October 5, 2010


theres things in life u dun want it to happen, but it does. and there r thgs in life ur wishin to God above for at least - it'll come true - somehow it cld be stayin a bit further, drifting away from u. and it left u wondering why. and theres time in life - when u knw thgs r gonna be alrite - dat its jst a matter of time; but at the end, it left u some kinda bitter taste in ur mouth and drown u in sadness - for it'd never come true.

its been a long day for me, today. started as early as 3am in the morn., till i drove back reachin home around 6.30pm.. i wish i need not to go thru all dis, but thgs jst happened. and all i can do is to keep tellin myself dat 'thgs r gonna be jst fine', and dat i am 'gonna be alrite' - tho i knw they were all jst a plain white lies.

erm. i shld go count blessin. rather than anythg, at all.


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sdr ijoi said...

... that was a long day, mr shah
... have a good rest ya... and take care.. ^_^