Monday, October 25, 2010


beautiful morning please don't wake me from my sleep
cuz I need some comfort to regain my sanity
and I don't wanna feel this crazy, I don't wanna feel discarded
shattered into million pieces

i'm so brokenhearted
nowhere left to run
nowhere left to go
so I hope..

i swear that everyday I feel like my mind is haunting me
i think of every little stupid mistake that has been made
this time I don't have the strength to gather myself
and I'm falling to pieces

and I pray for forgiveness, look for the answers
cuz it's hard for me to pretend
look to my mother, call to the captain
can't you see this state that I'm in
i pray for forgiveness, looking for justice
searching for answers, call to my mother
pray for forgiveness, breaking the silence
and nobody knows this, nobody noticed
that it's me where it begins..

..pray for forgiveness/alicia keys.

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