Wednesday, September 29, 2010

yes 245x!!

lets ramba!!

yeah - its yay!! i mean - a big YAYY!! gez wat? the OUM thang has been cancelled. and i am so fcukin thrilled. the first thang dat i did - is to walk rite up to Pengarah's room - wit head rite up high - telling him dat 'theres no such evaluation thang goin on today, sir - its been postponed for some reason'. the second thang - let Hafiz know about it or else i mght be havin the consequences of 'bernanah telinga' to his 'maki' and such. and then - there goes my bee-auw-tea-fool day. aku amek kunci kereta, off for Telekom/TM Center - to collect my cordless. yeah - sounds familiar - the pretty gal-wit-no-brain thingy. heh. like i care - i refuse to deal or see her at her face pun. bley? emo tak aku? hahaha.. but unfortunately - cordless abes. aku bg nama, they to call me up when the stock sampai. better be lah, rather than aku sambak tajuk Aztech yg mcm telepon mainan anak sedara aku tu je.. at least - Panasonic wld suit the purpose.

called my dentist - i am up to his 'pelawaan' today; for my follow-up yg supposedly on last week. senyum wit my gigi up front is my aset - so kena la jaga! bley? hahaha.. next, aku nak pi JJ during the lunch-time (read - lunch-time, ok!) nak cari my pair of dream leather, sharp-end dark-brown in color kasut keje.. kalo sempat.. kalo tak - lain ari la.. 2pm aku ada kelas plak.

isk - aku lapang dada giler weh! dunno how to tell! yezaa.


sdr ijoi said...

postponed by some reason? ha..ha..ha..ha.. kelakau..
tapi "hari bersejarah" itu akan datang jugak kan? ^_^

good luck! ^_^

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Ijoi -

alarrrr.. kasik me a break la.. hehe

sdr ijoi said...

anyway, enjoy your days while counting.. he..he..he..he.. *larik!! :-p