Wednesday, September 1, 2010

*yawn* (again!)

it works, trust me!

Dear God - the noise of the world is too great; the demands of the day too high. thgs r happenin so fast dat they r over even before i begin to realize dat they hav come. i dun knw anymore which of the thgs i do makes any sense at all. i dun knw anymore where i am goin thru too often i find myself rushin about - so much, afraid dat i mght be left behind if i care to find a single moment of peace.

and yet dis time i can no longer drag myself into the chaos to live. i need energy to finish loads and loads of paperwork dat lay upon my desk. i pray to u dear God - i pray for peace u've promised us. a peace dat transcends all the understandin, a peace dat never shatters wit the most troublin shadows of the nite. silence all the worries dat lurk upon my mind, the fears dat hav only driven me to burnout and stress.

in dis moment of prayer, let there be silence. let there be peace. free me from my fears and calm my shaking nerves. let me see clearly dat which really matters in life. i offer u averythg, dat in my nothgness. i may find all dat i need. ur presence is all dat i need, my God - for in Your presence there is peace..


cewaaaahh! burnout? hahaha.. nah, i dun think so. not now. damn i am jst feel sleazy. and lazy.

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