Sunday, September 19, 2010

wats the story - Sunday?

woke up early today. nothg much - mandi, solat and make myself a big mug of Nescafe - be it la, lama tak pekena Nescafe.. after all - its Sunday and i am gonna stay back at home je ari neh.. thinkin of goin off for a jog soon and a bit of aerobic kat Padang Polo again - today, wit AJ. semlm - i was kinda havin fun - tak ramai org kat Padang Polo - and the aerobic session held by MBI was a real nice one, yeah! high-impact for the whole 1 hr., i was like all over the floor! pancit la jugop. haha.. but the jog - aku managed to finish up.. well, its good enuff for me, let alone when everybody is dealing wit the post-raya syndrome - the malas thang, the fat, the food, the sempret-gu gu kinda thang. but as for me - cukup2 la raya..

aku had like 200 pics take smlm - kat Ulu Chepor. tak mandi pun semlm - aku let the minimons did their thang, while aku when around snapped pics. still tryin to manipulate the slow shutter kinda thang - and fcuk me - aku lupa nak bwk tripod. heh!

its 6.30am, think i gotta run. 7am nak kuar dah. see u around.

and yeah - hav a blast Sunday, peeps!

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