Monday, September 27, 2010


cant sleep last nite. by 2.30am - i was there blinking, staring into the darkness. i knw, dis is gonna be disastrous - for i am havin a tough day to carry on by the sun is up. 4.30am - aku walked out of the master bedroom and hit my small bed at the other room.. finally, aku dpt jgk lelap mata, for about 30mins when the alarm started to scream the shait out - and its alrdy 5.30am. i need to make an important call, for dis is the only time for i'd be able to do so - or i wont be havin the chance of doin so - for the rest of the days to come. not dat i dun hav the chance of doin so - of coz i can if i want to, but it wldnt be rite.. i think. a short call dat is. and i hit the shower. i was sort of waiting for a return call - up till 6.30am when i left home, and to no avail. erm, tak pe la.. its understandable.

2hrs of classes dis mornin, and OSCE at 2pm. its a lousy Monday, really. but then - i hav to go thru dis well, indeed.

all i need is a dark-brown, shape-end leather shoes utk pakai kerja. damn i feel like off for a shopping now.

morning, ppl.

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sbanboy said...

Hey bro .. hope the day gets better for you. Do take care.