Thursday, September 30, 2010

selamat hari ra-ra!

can i hav dis?

nope. i am not. i yet to find my brand new dark-brown leather shoes wit a dead sharp end on it, God sake. i was around in Kinta City looking for one, hoping to hav a pair of it at the end of it - but i cldnt get the hold of it pun. i was like to most of the shoes outlet - tp again - i ended up walkin to the car bringin somethg else. dammit. the thg is - i scratched my arse more than i scratched my head yeah. pls - dun get me wrong - i hate doin the shopping alone. i need a back-up. i need some sort of bloody second opinion which wld be like, 'eh, dats not good on u la.. y not dis one' and i exactly will end on dat particular one. damn - its hard to be me. i came a cross coupla nice one semlm - but then again.. heh.

may be i shld jst beli je and balik. nyesal plak weh.

woke up at 3am somethg dis morn. done wit my laundry, kemas bilik belakang and press baju keje ari neh. today we r havin Jamuan Eid ul Fitr, so sumer staff kena berbaju melayu for the men and berbaju kurung/kebaya watevernot for the ladies.. so - aku dah siap iron beju keje biasa - siap tie bagai when it came across my mind - and terpaksa plak iron baju melayu. heh. by 6.30am - aku dah done wit my big mug of Nescafe (i know, but i cant help it!) and of to the office.

as usual - done wit work - i am goin to jog and gym for a while. and off to chop my hair since dah panjang sket dah neh. rimas! let alone all dis jambang - it makes me look like a Santa Claus - a dark-choc version. bukan Santa Claus pakai kopiah putih and bawa kereta lembu, ye! hehe.. i need to be back into shape and looks - hate it when some of the students askin me dis and dat 'sir, ur having problems ke?', 'sir u look so unkempt' kinda thang. and Pengarah was like 'ru goin to stay in dis' while pointin his finger to his face - lookin at mine. kejis.


today, is the day. its been days now - and it feels like ages. i am glad it comes to the end. darn i cant help myself to hav all the thgs dat i had all dis while - to be back in perspective.

damn, i am glad.

me in baju raya.
esok, baju melayu lagiks!! yay..


IDA said...

wat's with the dead sharp end of the shoes? ada cita-cita nak sepak any hairy animals infront u when u r wearing it? kekekeke

jerry maguire, jr. said...


howdya know? i hav a lot of furry, hairy monsters infront of me - like all the time!

esp. a work. hahaha.. u knw wat i mean.