Wednesday, September 15, 2010

raya no-more.

reached home around 10pm last nite - kinda tired alrite. its been heavily downpour all the way and the highway was kinda pack as well. parked my car, clear up thgs out of the car - aku terus terbaring in the sofa wit Coldplay playing on the stereo. sedar2 dah 2am in the morn - crawled upstairs, jumped into the boxer, head for the MumuLand - but unfortunately, i cant, anymore. theres thgs i dun wanna think off - keep bothering my head. and i kinda hate it.


in the office now. as expected - not many around - except Ramesh and Mr Bong. and its almost 8. i gotta leave soon - up north as usual. its a place i hate of goin, but i was left wit no choice. its sthg i really hav to think of - but i yet to think of, any. and if i am up to dis, i mght as well gotta take a bit of long days-off, perhaps. i dun know.


its rainin. damn i wish i am at home, instead. and i gotta drive soon.


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