Thursday, September 9, 2010

raya journey..

3am alarm aku dah terjerit2, damn i wish i cld continue the tourney in my Mumuland.. But better not, since aku hav another important journdy to deal wit. I am heading for KB, driving, alone! 3.30am aku dah kat kaunter 7E - 2 bottles of Red Bull, 2 rotikrim Gardenia, 2 air mineral and a small pack of ciggy.. jst in case. By 3.4nam aku dah on the h'way heading for Kuala Kangsar exit - wallawey! bley tahan kete, ramai! Sg Perak ny r&r jammed! Gez kalo ko nak kenc., kena cari botol kosong. Haha.. 4.45am now, aku dah lps Lenggong, arnd 30km to Grik. So far so gøod.. And, err.. can i make a shov out in ere? Hehe.. Nthg of specific.. Drive safe. Have a good, pleasant journey balik kg, ppl!

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