Wednesday, September 22, 2010


awakenings r such a wonderful thgs.. the day u truly see urself for who ur and wat ur - is an experience dat is both so extremely personal and unrivaled by any other. any one who've went thru dis wld knw how it feels. damn it feels like no other.

it lets u see where ur, and compare dat to where u want to be. then - the planning and time come in..

i've been floating along, for a long time. experiencing both challenges dat i am not up for, and thgs dat i hav to take care of. thru it all, i've discovered thgs about myself. and others as well.. some dat i'm not happy about. but dat i need to realize and understand.

most of the time - i need ppl around me. i aint a one-island man. i cant stand alone, God sake. i realize most of the time - i count on others to build me up, to tell me when i am doin thgs rite.. sometimes to tell me when i'm succeeding, but - while i want someone to love me in a certain way, sometimes - dat cant be. dat doesnt mean they dun love me the best they can considering the circumstances.


every person has an agenda.. in all of their relationships, their life - working or personal side of it. at the very basis of it all - ur either the teacher, or the student. every acquaintance will be outgrown, and only true frenshp ad honest loves, will remain.

a true fren will be there in the good times and the bad times.. b'coz in everybdy's life - there are bad times hell yeah. the only thg different - is the scale dat it is measured on.

ur a Rambo,


but the bottom line is - we r all Rambo. fighting our own wars. each war is personal.. mine will definitely, never completely mirror someone elses. but i need ppl who r goin to be around for the good times, as well as the bad times. for i can assure u - dats wat i am gonna be.

i dun need fair weather frens.


i am still waiting. and it feels like ages. its torturous. but its gonna be worth it, i knw. be it if its even less then 12hrs.

for i know, it is gonna be worth it.

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