Wednesday, September 22, 2010


crashed at 11.30pm, at 4.30am - i alrdy out of the bed, wondering y on earth i was alrdy wide awake - while ppl r still enjoyin their journey in their own kinda land. seein no reason tossin up and down, strungglin to get myself back to sleep - aku bangun iron baju, pack my thgs and mandi2 while tunggu Subuh.

i feel kinda better now. yeah - hit ur sack wit a bit of empty-headed post-ventilating ur shait out.. damn - nthg cldve been better than dat.

and today - i wish thgs gonna be alrite. i only hav 1 hr on invigilating and off i go after dat. the truth is - i cant wait for today - i've been waiting for dis, counting days and hrs for dis, as well..

at least it is somethg dat i am lookin up for - wld make me feel better to go thru the whole day insyaAllah.

wake up u sleepy-head! g'mornin, peeps!

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beLalanG said...

jerry mcguire....
morning babe :P