Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mercedes? not me!

i aint Mercedes, God sake!

i kinda like Glee. tho i am not a true Gleek - like some ppl i know - no chatting, no sms-ing no nthg if the Glee is on; but then - i did catch em now and then when they r on air. i am planning to get the dvds as well, kalo rajin. it is nice. its kinda my guilty pleasure. the music is phenomenal, the characters r oddly lovable, and it so over the top dat i think it shld be offensive yet instead u'll find urself feelin surprisingly hopeful. its like if dis bunch of misfit kids can some together and pull of sthg spectacular - anyone can. and owh, the music? to die for! i cant help myself to download (shut up!) all the tracks after each time i am done wit the series..

to make dis 'family related', i hav somehow 'brainwashed' all the monimons to love to listen to Glee Soundtracks - in my own car. they shld put it to a stop listenin to such a bubble-gum kinda song of Justin Bieber (bluergkhh!) God sake. its so horribly inappropriate, it is. listenin to the same songs again and again for the 1000th time, dammit i am gonna be insane. but its fruitful when angah and acik were like actually learned the lyrics to Lady GuGu (Lady Gaga dat is) 'Bad Romance'. now its SO cute when they walk around singin 'rah-rah-ah-ah-ah, Roma, Roma-ma, GaGa, ooh la la..'. but when they start singin 'i want ur ugly, i want ur disease'.. i was like - ok, dats it.. next! or else - mati la aku dgn dorg nye ummi nanti. dats so.. ermm - NOT cute yeah! pretty sure i'll be goin to Pak Long Hell for dat one.

and finally - if ur observant enuff - did u ever notice the Pamphlets in Guidance Counselor's office? they r like..;

  • Ouch, that Stings
  • Divorce - Why Yr Parents Stopped Loving U
  • I Cant Stop Touching Myself
  • Radon - The Silent Killer
  • My Mom's Bipolar and She Wont Stop Yelling
  • Wow! Theres a Hair Down There

..and coupla more, which yg aku tka ingat.. and i think they r rock! hahaha.. kinky, yet they r attractive.

perhaps, i shld work on the same thang, too aye? haha


ezam said...

how about maria merecedes???

versi bahasa melayu..


jerry maguire, jr. said...

kerjis! haha