Sunday, September 12, 2010

lunch? laksa!

laksa in the making!

woke up at 8am, post-tryin so hard to tido balik.. mak dah kat dapur, aku cld hear dis and dat.. and the wonder-minimons dat bising2 asked me to wake up and 'pi la mandi pak long..'. kejis. aku shldve switched tmpat tdo to somewhere secluded so they wldnt get the chance to jumpak me pun.. heh. but its too late. as usual - aku do thgs to please em all - bg mandi kat luar rumah, layan dorg and such.. yet aku tak mandi2 lagik. heh.

mak buat laksa today. laksa Penang. damn my fav. aku nyer whole family mmg giler laksa.. kalo dha ada laksa - we need no nasik watever not. cukup la laksa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. even supper.. hehehe..

damn i cant wait. lapar weh! but before that - mandi dulu!

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