Monday, September 20, 2010

life, beautiful.

".. all dat i knw - is nthg to run from
coz yeah - everybdy here got's somebdy to lean on"

Don't Panic;

its been years since i started dis blog. and it has become very dear to my heart. i went thru a lot - and i shared em a lot as well, by jotting thgs in ere. but dat keeps remind me wit one thang - keep me insane regarding dis -- how in life, we hav out ups and downs. in our ups - we celebrate and enjoy. in out downs - we cry, grieve and get hurt.

we fall in love, we went out of love. we make mistakes, and we grow. but lets bear dis in mind - in every secs and every single moment in life - we hav lessons to learn. every time we experience s'thg; we learn more and more each day. u'd agree wit me - dat dis is the beauty of life. rite? so dun let ur mistakes deprive u of experiencing more. i remember telling the students all the time - its ok to make mistakes. go ahead. live life. never afraid of makin mistakes. for when we do mistakes - we shall learn. and dats the point livin ur life - u gotta live and learn. do more mistakes, and learn. yeah - and learn. trust me - ur no fool. for when u do mistakes and ur learnin - ur aint a fool. unless u keep on doin the same mistakes - again and again, u dun learn a thang - then ur a fool. idiot, enuff said.

do not afraid to take risks. life is too short to spend wit too much caution. s'times - it is sweet to jst throw ur worries to the wind, and let go. do thgs at a whim, once in a blue moon - and enjoy it. for life is too short to think too much about dis and dat. be spontaneous. jst be urself, and take action. trust in urself, and nobdy else. fight for the rite, fight for thgs - if u do hav faith in it - and u'll hav no regret later in life, for at least - u've tried. u've put up a fight for wat u believe in. do somethg u've never done before - do it before its too late - when ur runnin out of time and keep countin thgs u shldve been done. believe in miracle (if u want to) - but never cling on it. u urself IS a miracle, so y hoping for one? stretch ur limits. keep thgs in perspective. but always remember - always remember - to keep ur virtues intact.

dun go throwin question of "wat life is" to me, for i dun hav the answer. i dun find one. or perhaps, i yet to find one. and i think i've stop lookin for it - like a year back. and i dun care if theres one, pun.. yet again - i gez - i knw how it is. and i gez dats the only way u'll be able to experience the fullness of life..

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