Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a judgment day, it is.


its a judgment day - literally. at least - as for me. i am done wit all the need-to-do and watever-not for the evaluation today. and i, too - hav seen all the students involved for the session. but then - i aint sure whether or not they r coming - i mean the big-shoots from OUM. the truth is - i cldnt careless pun. if they do - i'll dance around, accordingly. but if they not - damn i am gonna jump up to the sky! heh. the fact is - i love doin wat i am doin now. i love teachin. i love sharing knowledge and all. i love transferring all the thgs dat i hav, all the experiences in life and such - but then, all dis micro-teaching part, i think they r sort of restricting u from bein a lil bit creative in doin so. its like 'here it is - ur script.. u go standin in front of the students, and u say dis and dat.. u do dis and dat..'. and dat is so not freakin me, hell yeah. shait - do i hav the choice to choose? no. a big no, indeed.

crashed early last nite. around 9.30pm - aku dah lalok tak tentu hala.. aint sure of y. yeah - i went for a jog and lift some weights at home - and i was kinda 'pancit' damn shait. i remember doin thgs on my lappy and i was like 'tersengguk-sengguk' ke-mengantuk-kan.


i had dis feelin in me - i dun knw how to tell. i kinda miss s'one dat i can talk to - at early in the morn., talkin about simple thgs such as wat to do, wats on, wats in and wats not for the whole day. and at the end of the day too - how the day treats u, wat do u do for the whole day and such. i need no complicated thgs, i jst love all the simple petty thgs. the laughter. the jokes. some spontaneous acts. a bit of surprises.. *sigh*

a day more to go. and i jst cant wait. i jst want thgs to be the way it used to be - and i miss it damn much.


i had nthg in mind now. i jst want thgs to go well, accordingly insyaAllah. and yeah - i wanna jst get rid of today, as fast as i can.

wish me luck. i need the whole wide world of luck. God sake.

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