Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Bird-Day!! erk, no bird eh?

Nurul Aqilah Damia
3yrs old now!

Nurul Aqilah Damia - Happy Birthday. ur 3 years old, today. u mght not knowin it well, u might not knw wat it is like - but its ok. for we do. and i am glad dat i am around to celebrate the number, and hoping to be around to celebrate more - in yrs to come.

i still remember 3yrs back - on dis particular day, when ur mom was brought into the OT; and she's cryin for the uncertainty, scared dat beyond words. and hows ur dad feelin the same - dat he wished he cld be doin more than jst hoping and prayin, and how hopeless it was - when all he can do was standing, holdin ur mom's hand - givin some good words, hoping thgs gonna be ok - and deep in him, i know dat he din knw wat he's sayin.

and then - there u ere. ur jst a small lil creature, u screamed a lot. but ppl fall for u like most of the time at their first glance lookin at u - ur smile, ur sweetness. i dun know how to describe it - but it was jst there. i was the happiest man alive. havin one more minimon added up to the numbers - and ur like nobdy else.

and now ur alrdy 3. dammit how time flies. u talk a lot nowadays. ur darn really smart - u learn a lesson so damn fast, leavin me in wonder - mana la budak ni belajar sumer ni eh? kinda thang. i am glad for u, syg. u hav both sides - values, sweetness, kindness and yeah - as smart as me - i knw dat. no doubt! hahaha

Happy Birthday Qilah. i love u.

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