Friday, September 3, 2010


u see thgs?
u hearing voices?

i am kinda drowsy. groggy sgt. cant really sleep smlm pun. despite of the so-called hectic nite i went thru semlm - 2 events went concurrently and aku kena attend the both of it.. by midnite time aku smpai rumah - aku dah flat. time2 Ramadhan ni la dorng nak buat event jemput anak yatim bagai.. and buat - clashed la plak. so aku was like - berbuka kat one place.. magrib and off to the other one for khatam Al Quran and terawih.. reached home by midnite - aku mandi, str8 hit the sack and tak sedar bila aku dah into the MuMuLand. but - i cant remember wat time - aku suddenly terjaga; tot of hearin some kinda noise.. yg aku pun tak sure wat off. kinda scary when u were there, so-called wide awake.. tryin to make sure wats the sound dat wakes u up from the sleep. or was it the sound tak really exist? and it was in my mind sajork - since aku try to lay still, wait for another sound to come in, yet theres nothg. nothg at all. and theres no indication for anythg - at all pun.

and aku drifted to MuMu again.

while i was drivin dis morn., i was thinkin about dis 'hallucination'. u've heard dat before? no - bukan org sakit mental je ada halusinasi. we ordinary ppl pun sometimes hav it as well.. remember the so-called 'suara hati'; when ur hearing urself talkin to u - yet ur no 'gila'? no hati can berkata-kata, God sake!! and dats for sure. so - wats wit dat suara? hehe

basically halusinasi ni, different from ilusi. halusinasi is the brain's reception of a false sensory input - which is not occurring in the real world. dis can be thru any of our senses - and auditory hallucinations being the most common. its like - u hear CT Nurhaliza is talkin to u, yet theres no CT there. and u see somethg, tp sape pun tak nampak pe yg ko nampak.. scary eh?

the fact is - ppl may (incldg us) experience hallucinations as part of their normal developmental stages - especially during the preschool years; in 2 to 5yr old range. hav u seen ur lil sister holding her teddy bear, talkin to it as if dat thang is alive? or playing masak-masak sorg2, yet she's talkin to someone/somethg u dun even see, being there? well, i've seen em - a lot. even in my own minimons! Areeyna the kakak even hav her own 'fren' and she called dat 'fren' wit a name!! tp skang - when we talk about it, she's jst like, 'mana ada pak long.. pak long tipu' kinda thang. hehehe.. dats normal. they r learnin how to communicate, how to connect - as bein ready for the real world. yet, dis shldnt be drag up till she's more dat range of age, of coz.

but wat about hearing voices talkin to u, condemning u - askin u do thgs u dun want to? or ur listenin to so many voices or sounds yg dtg ntah dr mana2.. suddenly bug ur head, tremendously? voices of 'God', voices of everythg - u mght ended up even killing others pun! or u see things others dun see.. euw, its scary shait yeah. and dis is the time when u can lose ur grip. and go insane.


hold on. worry not - i dun hav such thang. and u dun hav to scare shait about it anyway. i believe i was havin one of the normal hallucination semlm - dat is 'hypnagogic hallucination' - which is kinda hallucination u can hav as one is falling asleep. u know - kinda hallucination u hav before u btol2 drifted away wit ur dreams.. antara sedar tak sedar kinda thang.

and theres another one! 'hypnopompic hallucination'. hehe.. sile Google yea!

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