Sunday, September 19, 2010

a gal? a boi?


i was doin my boring-routine, surfing the net for news and such - when i stumbled into sort of article in about gender bending.. read the following;

Scientists have long known that some fish are able to switch their sex, either spontaneously or when exposed to steroids. This led them to suspect that a subset of the population of cells in male fish that normally become sperm, called spermatogonia, might be stem cells that have the potential to become either sperm or eggs.

which means dat its jst a matter of time before they r offering these sort of sex changes to humans and dat got me thinkin about the benefits!

imagine bein able to change gender at will. wow. dat'd be grouse. owh, really? ermm.. imagine a trip to the supermarket cld become a mere bagatelle - foot on the accelerator, swear at the other bodoh-nyer drivers, get there quickly. and yeah - change into a gal and blink, and smile at other drivers until u get a real bloody good parking spot ahead of the other line. or perhaps - exactly kat btol2 depan pintu masuk of the mall - so u need not to walk far. like most of us love of doin.. kejis! change back into a bloke, grab a trolley and charge thru the store takin only wat u need. read - only wat u need to buy. not those look like nice-to-buy. back to a female while u stand in line thumbin thru the magazines to catch up on wats happenin in Hollywood. or Bollywood. or Bradwood? reading Mangga. or URTV. yikes! heh.. mana-mana lah. then back again - become a man to pay the groceries and carry em all to the car. drive home via a gal fren's house and select ur gender based on wat u feel like doin there when u get there.. (wow! dis really makes me thinkin.. ermmm.. shait! haha). get home and cook like a gal - make urself a kek batik (err.. ampun!), eat like a man, and sleep like a log. or rock. or baby - if u wanna be a gal then.

shait. not bad aye? how wld *you* use ur newly gained power to gender bend?

heh. can i write more? dammit i had a lot in mind, God sake. haha

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