Tuesday, September 28, 2010

drag me to hell, no.

another day wit kinda lousy feelin drag me like hell. i had nothg much to do - excpet was kinda shocked upon receiving a news sayin dat all the profs watever not from OUM r coming down trow to assess our (me and Hafiz's) P&P - talk about thgs we've learn in OUM coupla months back. damn they got dis rite - i am havin like few mammoths running around in mytummy alrite. i love teaching, but not wit some big-shoots sitting at the back, doin the observation - scrutinize ur moves, ur words, ur timing, whether or not the students pay attention - or they linger around the MuMuLand. damn.

received a msg askin me to wait for a City-Link - a parcel on its way. cant wait, and i am glad.

kinda numb still. i knw the distance is nthg. and the presence is all dat matters. but then again - shait, i jst cant help myself. a few more days to go!

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