Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i am leaving the office now - after done wit a breakie dgn Fazly. bet since nobody is around - he insisted me to tag along for a chapati kedai bawah pokok. apparently he needs someone to talk to - regarding office politicking - which i believe, i dun really do the listening pun. jst dat he's fun, nice kinda man - and i do it, for i hav to do it.

its raining still. and i hate to drag myself, doin thgs which i hate of doin. which i dun hav the heart in doin. but i've made a pack - i gotta be less complaining about whole shait.

at time like dis - i jst hope i cld be invisible. i cld be jst break-away from thgs. i cld jst go off for a break - somewhere - jst like coupla frens of mine; leavin for places real soon.

driving alone. raining. hatred in me. sucha perfect combo.

damn i believe i've left my heart, my brain and even my soul back, at mak's.

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