Saturday, September 25, 2010


changes. nbdy really likes it. and everybdy - if given a chance - they'd stay jst the way they r. for dat wld make us feel much better. less threatened. for dat wld make us stay at our own comfortable zone. but then - changes is a fact of life. changes will poke into life - be it if u like it, or ur not. changes will definitely comes in - and it will change most of the thgs around u. and u hav no choice, to choose. and u can do nothg about it, except u hav to deal wit it - adopt and adapt. changes mght bring u good. expecially if its changes for the betterment.

i cld feel some changes in me. around me. it wasnt take me by suprise - for i've set my mind alrite for it. for i know - somehow or rather; thgs like dis - they'll definitely come. i am not hating it. i am ok wit it - tho sometimes; i feel kinda left-out, kinda silly-billy drowned in the feelin of loneliness. but then - its a good thang. i dun wanna be a selfish person - for bein me now, i shld be better than dat. its a matter of time. and its jst a temporary kinda thang. i'll be more grateful. i'll be more supportive insyaAllah.

thgs might change, around me. but dat doesnt mean dat i am gonna change, as well. well i do change yeah - and i like the way i am now.

hav a great weekend.


sdr said...

kita hadapinya dengan senyuman yek? ^_^

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