Friday, September 17, 2010



somebdy loves u, woke up wit u, wit a bang and a bug on yr face, it crawled in yr mouth and gav u a taste of the good life u left behind - but i think ur gonna be just fine and ur gonna make it thru dis naggin malaise - it is more than a phase, trust me; it feels like a job - but no boss ever pays u to lay down there n think how u'll die!

and while the tears start to well in ur eyes; trust me there's people out there loves u n ur gonna make it thru one more year alrite - even more to come, all thru the nite. u've got to be sure when u turn out dat lite dat its goin to turn on again..

u gonna make dis thru. the nite and the rest of the days. the world is - aint a bad place, afterall.


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