Monday, September 27, 2010

beauty, but no brain?

customer service.
wats so much ado wit it?

bein in the front line and serving ur customer is a noble job - i do believe in dat. be it no matter how hard the matter is, or simple it is - if the customer is in deep shait - no matter wats the skin color, no matter how 'kampung' she/he is - they are ur customer, and u gotta treat em rite.

i was in the Tm Net Ipoh around 11.50am dis mornin, wanting to upgrade my Streamyx service when upon entering the office - damn - it was like kat pasar basar Selayang, chaotic wit a lot of voices. it was kinda strange for me - for most of the time, when i was there - thgs r under control, calm as well. but today - it was not dat cool, any more. lps amek number and such - i took a seat - and i realized there was one 'only voice' yg conquering the whole lot - and it was a small gal's voice, kinda cute, pretty wit her heavy make-up, sitting dealing wit her customer - a mid-age old Chinese lady. i sat exactly infront of her, wondering wat was the mess. there were words like, 'u kena faham..', 'berapa kali saya mau ulang..', 'u ada kontrak, kena follow kontrak..', 'u faham tak? u faham tak..' and such lingered in the air. i was like - wow, dis gal! staring at her, aku geleng2 paler wit full, intense, instant rush of rasa geram. and suddenly aku sedar - the pakcik jaga dgn senapang patah in his hand seeing me in a different way, menyelinap masuk kaunter and asking the other staffs 'to tone done a bit', and tgk2 kat aku.. aku buat muka selamba je, wit a bit of annoying faces. and ujung mata aku jugak - aku perasan yg some of the staffs was like serba tak kena - which makes me wonder.. apa hal? perhaps - most of the customer r clad in t-shirt and jeans, or jst a plain dressed-down manners and i was there in my full long-sleeves, slacks, black shoes and neck-tie. aku jst buat muka selamba je, and remembering when dat gal complaining to her kawan sebelah like 'benda simple, tapi tak faham2' kinda thang. damn. eh, dah benda simple, make it simple lah! and make dat old lady faham. payah ke nak fahamkan org, dgn benda yg simple? and dah mmg keje ko men-simple-kan benda yg complicated.. so need not la to complain. may be i was not in her shoes - i dun know how tuff it was for her. i din blame it on her pun - but her attitude tu je. the way she behaved. u go treat a customer like dat, complaining, grueling infront of others - acting as if the whole office is ur dad's. ko cantik, fine. tp perangai buruk. damn. aku simpati sgt2.

by the time my number bein called - i praised God above - i need not to deal wit dat gal, but another gal beside her. aku plainly went like, 'wow, mcm pasar je ari neh, eh?' to her fren - and i remember seein dat gal staring rite into me, and jeling2. aku nak tergelak pun ada. but then - aku jst keep it to perspective. she dun hav issue wit me, and be it dat way. thank God too, dealing wit dis other gal - senang sgt, and simple. questions answered nicely, wit a smile of coz. aku feel honored, and appreciated.

done wit it - aku drove back str8 to the office. and i cant help to think the whole shait. dis - i mean, today - cld be a bad hair day for her. fine. but then - she does not need to go and spoils others as well. u meant to help ppl. so do it well. wit ur good sweet looks, it pays to behave a lil. i wish she'd do better. aku rasa gatal je tgn nak logged a report - tp to think it back, malas la. mmg aku ada jugak dgr org ckp2 yg TM Net Ipoh staf 'mcm gampang' sket, yet i din amek pot pun - until today. most of em r good, but one or two yg perangai 'mcm bagus' ni - rosak kan the whole thang. rasa tak bley layan customer elok2, resign pi cari keje lain senang.. i will be goin there, again for sure. and i'll see how.

darn mine was not dat good as well - my day dat is. but i refused to make others, hell.

i gez - bad customer service costs more than a plain, sweet good customer service. and dats the fact.


Jerung Rimba Putih said...

wow! this one is very the panjang one.. hoho..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Jr -

i was angry, annoyed. and i need to ventilate. and i did! hahaha.. u got issue wit dat? hehehe

sdr said...

la.. mental betul minah tu. takotlah nak gi sana, tapi.. kena gi jugak nanti..
kesiannya minah tu, penuh dengan "kebencian"..