Wednesday, August 25, 2010

words, again.

crashed early last nite - after i found it to be useless of stayin at the back of ur reading desk, tryin hard to comprehend coupla thgs yet they din strike rite thru. its kinda hot, and wit thgs marchin in my head, i hardly sleep for God sake. its kinda sad when ur mentally, physically tired and u need a lil time to lay down - ur there, yet ur mind refused to stay cool. by 2am - aku dah bangun, wondering wat to do.

supposedly i am havin 4hrs or teaching today, perhaps - i'll make it 2. by 10am, i gotta run for ISC. u know how i hate doin dis - i jst hav to be there for i am left wit no choice. of course - i do have choices to choose - i dun hav to go, if i want to. but dat wld make me another bulshait. loser.


i jst need some kinda good, sweet word at time bein. its ok if it wldnt sound rite pun - for i really need some. the 'its ok, thgs gonna be ok', 'ur gonna be alrite' kinda thg. i dun know. i really do hope thgs wld be ok - tho i knw nthg left to cling on, pun.

u hav a great mid-day of the week then, ya.

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alhaqimi said...

why la emo2 nie..
btw~ cantik gambar atas tue... klasik!