Monday, August 23, 2010


morning! its Monday, yeah. its been 2 times in a row i din get the chance 'to feel' the Monday blues, yeah. i mean - i was away and such. but today - i am back to the office. as usual, by 7am - aku dah smpai. kinda late for me dat i hav to be at my best to best all those supermoms riding their cars like a pelesit, sendin the kids off to the school. and some blokes yg (i believe) keje shift - but then rushin their shaits out since the clock dah dkt pkul 7am. heh. theres no anger in me pun - i am pretty sure of it - for i dun wanna get myself wasted wit the feelin dat way.

sampai ofc., few memos dlm pigeon hole - heh, now i remember dat i wasnt in on last Thursday and Friday. erm - meeting, pertukaran jadual, memos. haiyooo.. meeting lagik. menci!

2hrs of teachin today. not much ado of, really. tp nama aku naik terlibat in komiti to edit soalan la plak.. argkhh, baru je nak lepak2 hang my balls around.

and y i keep on thinkin of Maggi goreng mamak eh? kerjis.

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