Tuesday, August 17, 2010

to write? erk. wat?

i wanna write - yet i dun know where to start. dammit - i am havin my mind in guarded-mode. it shldve be in kinda free-and-easy like it is, all the time before. i had a lot to write - to share as well, yet i aint sure to write or not - its easy to vent thgs out; yet the consequences - no one wants to bear wit it, of course.

after all - it was a great week for me - whole last week. thgs were like before - thgs went smooth and i am truly glad for wat it brings me. sometimes - it is worth of being 'bersabar' and never lost fait, hope and such - for u never know wat God will brings u. i never hav a high hope on every single thgs in life, i hav less expectation as usual.. but when thgs came in jst like - and u knw u always wanted dat in life.. u knw how it is. u know how it feels, God sake.

and i learn coupla thgs too. which i am glad. about life, love, relationship, friendship et al.


i cant wait for the coming Thursday. i am leavin town!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the bad thing coused by me.
No more after this.


Anonymous said...

aka. Maaf zahir batin.