Thursday, August 26, 2010


i started my day wit kinda malas thang in me. i was even thinkin of nak amek cuti je - call ofc and let em know dat i am gonna take a leave for the day. but to think it back again - keje byk, paper nak marking, meetings to attends, questions to edit and such - tau2 aku dah smpai office.

but dat din stay long. around 9 sthg aku received a call from a courier guy, askin my exact location sayin dat 'ada parcel untuk abg neh..' kinda thang. i din expect much. cld be jst a plain gift, document and such. i mean - not a real kinda parcel dat ur excited to hav pun. but11.30am - Kak Jah ter operator called me - askin me to come and sign some dokumen for 'ada parcel besar tinggi Kak Jah neh.. meh amek' to me. Tinggi Kak Jah? heh. she's aint dat tinggi pun - paras bahu aku yg kenit ni je.. but tinggi paras Kak jah? erk - dats really somethg!

and yeah - it is. kotak besar, tinggi paras Kak Jah. and the sender is non of those ppl yg aku tau.. Telegift - Yor Reliable Gift Company thingy. errmm.. weird. Kak Ton the CC sibuk suruh aku bukak tere and there. Fina plak 'saper anta Shah.. saper anta..'. hahaha.. aku angkat dat big box to my room.. and kunci pintu - aku bukak carefully. my mind was kinda racing - saper anta? pe mende? ada apa? kinda thang..

gez wat? its a Hari Raya gift. wit lot of thgs inside. wrapped nicely. wit a card - written by the company. not the sender - but the company yg arranged the delivery. but then - the name of the sender was there! i was laughing. smiling like shait - damn! dis is sucha sweet surprise! i love surprises.. but i never expected it dis way!!

i lost words. and after all the bulshait i went thru for past coupla days - dis is like somethg from the sky, bringin my smile back again.

to whom dis may concern - thanks. i wish i cld put thgs into words better than dat - but u know i aint good at it.

but i mean it - thanks. i jst love dis, God sake.

i am taller than dis, ok!

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