Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday - ofc?

Sunday in the ofis. damn - it aint like i'd love to do dis - but i hav to. had a call around noon smlm - from Mr Rani, he asked me to finish up somethg urgently and i need to send it to him - in full - early trow morn. it is somethg 'tak la susah sgt' but i was kinda hate doin it. but then - damn, i hav to - now. heh.

think of heading to Giant after dis. rite away. need to buy coupla thgs untuk dapur. and i cant stop thinkin of Ribena laici again. again? for today? ermm..

gtg. thgs r done. malas aku bertapa kat ofis ni sorang2. buang karan.

see ya!

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