Sunday, August 15, 2010

stop procrastinating, and write!

jst write!

i gez in writing - procrastination is the enemy. procrastination is like leavin the headlites on in a parked car - its a slow drain on yr mental battery. the longer the lites r on, the harder it is to get the engine started. by continually avoidin doin s'thg u knw u need to do - prcrastination sucks the energy out of u. dis is doubly true for a task like writing. the longer u procrastinate writing thgs u wanna write, the harder it becomes to start. however, even if u putt off a task for weeks or months - its never too late to start - at least, dats wat i believe. starting isnt easy - but its doable. and the best part is - once u start, u'll usually find the difficulty u imagined is usually worse than the actual work involved.

i aint good in givin advice, i knw it is. but i wanna share wit u a thang or two - regarding ways to stop procrastinating and start writing.. bley? but since we need to get dat car runnin as soon as possible - lets look at some ways to jumpstart dat dead car (wah!!).. heh. i know. i never share dis kinda thang - but i want to, today.
  1. organize ur ideas - staring at a blank screen wit no support materials or mental notes is like building a house w/o a blueprint - the end result will be a mess and it cld kill s'one! instead of starting from zero - make a plain mind map. plainly choose the best ideas, and organize em into an outline.. do all dis before u begin drafting. mentally drafting - dats wat i do.
  2. freewrite - damn i love doin dis. i'd love to forget about logical flow for a minute. i think, ppl often procrastinate when they r unclear about some aspect of their task. when u freewrite - u hav a chance to address those missin details and develop a deeper understandin of the piece u wanna create. make sense, eh?
  3. set a dateline - deadlines equal to a bit of stress. as for me - a good stress dat is. deadline add a sense of urgency to ur writing task, givin u a clear compellin reason to finish a piece. w/o adrenaline - its easy to ignore a piece, especially when ur writin only for urself.
  4. set mini-goals - witin a 5K word piece - u'll probably require several hrs of work, and dat is a damn big job. so - break dis job up! work in blocks of 500 words or 30 minutes.. senang!
  5. eliminate distractions - work in a quite space. damn i am so believe in dis. u mght want to turn off ur cellphone and if possible - ur internet connection wit ur FB on! haha.. escape from ppl who demand ur attention. each distraction pulls ur focus away from the task at had. for me - it depends. sometimes - a plain songs will bring me some plain mood as well, and dat helps me in writing.
  6. force it! - ppl usually mythologize the creation process. they expect some idiot, magical power to enter em and imbue em wit and unstoppable pen. in reality - the most creative ppl force emself to write every day, whether they feel inspired or not. the prefect time - is now. not tomorrow. not next week. or next year.. its TODAY.
  7. dun worry about gettin it rite.. jst get it down! - first drfats usually suck. dats y second, third ad eighth drafts exist! aim for excellent results, but dun set the bar too high at first. i believe dat havin a sloppy but finished first draft is far better than havin no draft at all.. aye?

lest face it - we all procrastinate.. in one or another way. especially when it comes to writing. if u love writing - u know wat i am tryin to say. a lil procrastination is normal, but by using some of these steps - we can redirect the high beams of out mental energies onto out own work.

so - start ur engines! hehe

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