Monday, August 30, 2010

pre-Merdeka day.. think i am alrdy!

for the first time - i hardly feel dis way lately - aku had to fight myself to jump out of the bed and drag myself to the bathroom. its Monday yeah - i knw i dun really keen of dealin wit dis day - but i usually hav no problem to kick the Monday off; till i reach the office. but today - damn! i wish i cld jst continue the MumuLand-ing. i wish i cld jst lay in the crib of mine, w/o any thinkin - nak mandi, nak iron baju, nak siap2 pi ofis segala mala. perhaps i shldve take a day-off today. ye lah - esok PH. y u shld be bother goin off to work, while it is like 'tergantung' in between of off-days? but i gez - i hav to. i gotta see Mr Rani to settle thgs semlm. and aku kena brief budak2 baru masuk clinical posting psychiatry. and now - erm; damn i am lookin around wat to do. wat to do eh? gosh, i think i left my brain somewhere in my house lah. in my bed, to be precise. kerjis.

damn, i am glad thgs r ok today. the whole shait. a phone call away makes me feel like - phewwww.. i had thgs in my mind. tho i am tryin to put it str8, never think of bad thgs - but heh, i am jst a plain a flesh and blood. i jst cant shooooooo all those bad thgs away from keep on buggin my head. and dat makes me feel kinda sad, worry and down. but i am glad. nothg to be worry of, except - can i go back and sleep now?

think i shld be doin dat.. aye?

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