Saturday, August 28, 2010


its Saturday. and aku consider myself as 'working' la kot - 2hrs of public health talk to a community di Bercham, Ipoh - since dorg ada program bersama rakyat or somethg. heh. bulan puasa. and most of the yg datang is Chinese. Bercham - mmg ramai Chinese staying there.. aku suka wit the crowd. best, sporting. Q&A aku jenuh explain thgs - its Stress Management in general. dah siap - think of leavin str8 back home la kot.. got coupla thgs to settle.

semlm aku pi kemas rumah lama aku - cuci pe patut and such. walaweeeeey.. penat gilos! dahag giler. and its panas as well. but aku puas hati - dah settle keje aku yg tertunggak for about 2 mths now. and aku brought in few thgs to new house as well - which means - aku kena kemas la pulak kan.. heh. so by 4pm - aku dah totally out, knock out dat aku tergolek je dpm idiotbox up till berbuka.. thanks God aku dah settle pi param, beli thgs for berbuka awal lagik.

next week - keje Monday, Selasa cuti plak. heh. aku keje la kot - mls nak amek cuti.. i need to spare my off-days into somethg else better i think. hehe

hav a great weekend fellas!


looka80 said...

jm - love ur new blog layout dude. and nice track too. 8-)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

looka -

thanks! wanna keep it as simple as it is.. the track? its ATB's - my bloody fav.