Thursday, August 19, 2010

nope. dis aint from the office!

kinda lazy to wake up, knowin dat i am not workin today. beg belum packing - so dats wat i am gonna do, soon. i aint gonna take banyak barang pun - i am goin to be away from house like up till Saturday je pun. then again - knowing myself.. heh, i mght ended up bwk beg besar jugak nanti. argkh.. benci.

pagi2 lagik ofc call. aku tak angkat. then number Mr Bong appeared on the screen. i was like, shait! shld i or not pick dis one up? tak tau ke aku cuti ari ni esok? second time he called - aku angkat.. wit the reason, 'sorry - i was in the washroom' as usual. gez wat? he's askin me about the question, again. duuhhhh! he was not around semlm - so aku submit tros je kat SUP. so - aku asked him to go and see Mr Zul la, and off aku out of the conversation. pantang bg aku - to talk regarding kerja-matters while my head is alrdy away from the ofc. hehe

gotta run. nak pack barang. nak mandi2 since my 'flight' at 9am. bley?

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