Friday, August 20, 2010

negativity vs motivation. heh?

left? right?

negativity can suck the motivation rite out of u - so ppl said. but do u think so? well, i bet it is, for i do believe in dat, as well.

u can be urself, all motivated and ready to take action when suddenly some negative person tells u dat u aint gonna do it rite - dat ur just goin to fail and nthg is gonna come of it. hows dat makes u feel?

wow. talk about depressing. negative ppl can destroy our beliefs in ourselves God sake and take away the motivation dat so many struggle to get in the first place.

the truth is - u hate it or not - negativity kills motivation.. unless u stop it. and dammit - its easier than u mght think.

the first thg u need to do is - i think - identify and avoid the negative influences in ur life. well - u dun hav to cut off all ties wit anyone whos negative. i knw sometimes ur family and frens can be negative for watever reason - even simply b'coz they r jealous of u. dat doesnt mean u shld avoid em - they r ur family. it jst means u shld either talk em and get em to support u, understand u. or u shld spend less time wit em.

if there r negative influences dat u arent close to, jst cut em out of ur life.. wow, i knw. it may seem harsh - i hardly do it as well - but jst b'coz they dun want to get anywhere in life doesnt mean they shldnt try to keep u from gettin anywhere in life, rite? its kinda easy to say, but hard to put it for real - but i learn a thg or two, and i do believe it is, yeah.

the scond thg u need to do is surround urself wit positive influences. ppl who will support and encourage u. wit no condition at all. ppl who r willing to help u and actually want u to succeed. may be u can spend as much time wit these ppl, as possible. u'll be amazed at how much more motivation u automatically hav from spending time wit these kinda ppl who r there to help u and support u - rather than bring u down.

well, of course - dis doesnt jst apply to ur frens and fmly dat u see in person. dis includes ppl u talk on the phone, the blogs u read and more.

and u knw wat? i also believe in dis - as well. if ppl r constantly posting negative stuff on FB - remove em from ur frens list! hehe.. too good to be true, i knw. but it is true anyway! unless u wanna keep ur fren-list as many as the total of population of ppl there in South Africa.. then go ahead. the fact is - most ppl hav so many frens they probably wont even notice anyways! talk about quality vs quantity. again - its ur call. i aint gonna ask u to a thang.

even the news is a huge source of negativity! did u knw dat negativity is actually a criteria for determining whether or not somethg is considered newsworthy? heh. tell me about it. but it is true! ppl like to hear negative thgs. ppl like to watch negative thgs as well. dats y the majority of the time - the front page of the newspaper is someone getting killed or some kinda disaster occurring, scandals et al. the hurricanes. the crime. the buang anak thang. corrupt politics. but the fact is - negativity sells. so dats wat they put on the news. yeah - i knw u may like to keep up wit wats happening around u - but watching the news affects u negatively.

no. i hardly read newspapers. i do - when i do the balik kampung thingy. i dun really watch news as well, but the important stuff i hear about from the word of mouth. i dun feel like i'm missin out, at all - for it may take some initial work to remove the negativity from ur life and it'll be a bit of adjustment, but trust me - its definitely worth it.

so - start today seeing how u can remove negativity from ur life and replace it wit positivity. start changing the way u think and where u spend time. become a positive person and spend majority of ur time around positive ppl.

i am writing dis - doesnt mean dat i am good at it. i write dis for i think i do wanna share coupla thgs in mind - for the good sake out of it. it is so much easier to motivate urself when u feel good about urself, trust me. and about others too. and they will definitely will feel good about u too..

see it for urself! and u knw wat i am tryin to say then.

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