Wednesday, August 18, 2010

murtabak sedap.

finally i am done wit the soalan. duhhh! pening kepala. the whole day dok perah my brain dat i am not sure by now - do i or not hav the brain there, anymore. heh. penin! imagine - 40 soalan MCQ and 3 MEQ. berak ijau je rasanya.. nampak je senang. by the time u sit down - u started to feel like nak blah je larikan diri. but then - damn, i managed! fuh.

cant wait to leave the building now. for trow and a day after trow - i aint gonna be in town. a lil escapade - katanyer. and damn - dis time i am gonna go wit a free mind - no soalan to think of, no ISO to bother me.. heh. and i cant wait. lama dah tak snap2 pics.

and a part of me - aku rasa kinda lapang God sake - i managed to let out thgs yg a bit 'berbuku' dlm ati aku.. nicely. aku malas dah nak fikir2 pe, for i know its my bad. and jumped too fast for a conclusion - and hurt someone else. heh. trust me - dats the last thg i wanna do! and one thg i learn from it - sometimes words can easily misinterpreted by us. theres no such good communication, except for face to face kinda thang.. for once u silap interpreted words - disastrous it wld be.

but dat was then. nthg is stronger than the bond by the name of frenship - which i truly believe in. ups and downs in it - will make it merrier, understanding more, i think.

gotta go. times up! its param time.. hoho.. murtabak daging - ere i come!

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