Sunday, August 15, 2010


Damia - tired of crying..

2nd day. She was told to be ok dis morn.; talkin, singin and laughin out loud, when at noon she started to cry her heart of complainin of pain over the IV site. The drip wasnt run dat well, dat i hav to urge the nurses to look into it. I cant stand seing her cryin, it breaks my heart wit each tear drops runnin down her cute face. Aku kesal dat i hav to a bit of 'tunjuk' dis staffs of who i am, wat i do for life - so dis lil gal will get the best she deserves to get. Wat if i am a lay man? Wat if i am a plain 'org kampung'? When aku started to converse using some of med jargon, they started to look at me wit one kinda look. And u dun hav to ask wat happen next - they will go talk to u nicely, treat u gently..

Aku tak faham la. Its easy - a bit of respect. And a bit of effort. Finally, one of the nurse flush the line, and the drips back on track. She stops crying. But for me, its a sad thang seein the baby finally falls asleep of tiredness - she's been crying since 10am dis morning. Of coz, i can do it myslf. But i dun thk i'd go doin dat and make ppl 'tak selesa' God sake.. Damia, get well real soon, yea. I cant stand seein u like dis.

I wish i cld tell, how it is inside.. Furthermore - kakak Areeyna, angah, acik and Haziq r lackin of a proper team-mate to do the shuffle thang - all day long!


ezam said...

kesiannya...harap2 she will be fine.

doa banyak2 k.

timtams said...

Ahem..wats a lay man? Is this some sort of jargon? Or is it a typo?

Wishing Damia a speedy recovery. Get well soon sweetie pie.